My Daughter Needs More Space – Why We’re Moving

This has been an absolutely ridiculous season of life. My wife and I have decided to list our house, got it ready for market, listed it, and accepted an offer – in three weeks. Quite frankly, we probably could have done it in two if it wasn’t for the crawling, crying 18 pound thing demanding our attention, but it’s because of that 18 pound thing that we are moving. (Side note – this entire process is exponentially more challenging when you have a baby.)  Here are five reasons why we have outgrown our current house.

1. We have no yard. Where we currently live, there is a beautiful green space off our back patio. It’s wonderful to look at, but as our daughter start’s getting older, it doesn’t make much sense. Just to play, she would have to go out our front door, through the car port, around the side of the house to the back where she could play. Even still, we wouldn’t be able to see her from the kitchen, which is a challenge. Yards are full of magic and memories and dirt. Kids need dirt.

2. Toys. Toys everywhere. Right now, Olivia’s toys are under our stairs or in our living room. That’s it. And while I personally don’t mind it, it doesn’t exactly scream “look how welcoming our home is” to guests when they trip over a pillar of stackable rings. We need an alternative.

3. Babies have a ton of stuff. Speaking of toys, oh my goodness to babies come with way too much stuff. I’m not convinced that my 11 month old doesn’t have more things than I do. Books, toys, towels, clothes, toys, bedding, toys, pillows, TOYS…. everything they own takes up much more space than it should. So yeah, a place with more storage would be nice.

4. Schools matter all of a sudden. I didn’t used to care about the rating of nearby schools, but I do now. I know, I know, it’s still five years away… but it never hurts to start thinking about it. Seeing that the elementary school around the corner from my place is a 3/10 doesn’t inspire much confidence, so we better invest in our daughter and set her up for as much success as we can. Grown up stuff, amirite?

5. We’re way too far from our church. We absolutely love our church and the family we have created there, and right now, it’s about 35 minutes away – on a Sunday, with no traffic. Calling up a friend and being like “hey buddy! We would love to have you over for dinner next week! Just make sure you leave your house an hour before you need to be here, because that traffic is AWFUL” is not a fun conversation. It’s no surprise that nobody comes to our house. The drive sucks.

So, yes, my little 11 month old has begun making all the decisions in my family and she can’t even talk yet, but we are doing this out of our love for her and  our desire to give as much as we can to our little lady. On to the next chapter.