6 Times I Didn’t Suck As a Father

I sometimes feel inadequate compared to the moms around me. I mean, between my wife and our nanny, I’m pretty much surrounded by superheroes. It can be hard to live up to. There have been many instances along this journey of fatherhood where I have fallen flat as a father – forgot to bring milk for the baby, didn’t put diapers in the diaper bag, etc – and you know what, I’ve learned to roll with it. On the opposite side of these moments, there have been times when I didn’t completely suck as a father. Here are six of those moments. – (See more at Scary Mommy here.) 


3 thoughts on “6 Times I Didn’t Suck As a Father

      • colemacgyver says:

        Still doesn’t work. Now it says the URL doesn’t exist on this server. Whatever that means…
        I googled your article and found it. Awesome dude! I’ve been through all those! Haha. You’re doing great. I think the main thing is, if you’re consciously trying to be the best dad you can be, you will be.

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