7 Things My Eight Month Old Likes To Do

I swear, my daughter is well on her way to being a kid instead of a baby, and it is a pure joy of mine to see her personality start to develop. With her growing and exploring more frequently, there are a few things I have discovered about her at this stage in her life.

1) She loves animated movies. This kid has a fantastic attention span. She can literally sit through an entire movie without getting distracted or fussy. It’s quite impressive. I mean, I know the odds are that she just likes the pretty colors, but still. We’re going to say she’s brilliant.

2) She likes to says hi to everyone. Olivia has been blessed with the ability and fearless attitude to say “hi” to everyone she encounters, as well as the ability to make peoples day. She is the type of kid that is going to bring joy wherever she goes, and it is outstanding to see.

3) She likes to hit one thing with another thing. There was this major development in the last couple weeks where she found out that, if she picks up one thing and hits another thing with that thing, the two things make a different noise than if she just hit that thing with her hand. I know, it’s fascinating. Whether that combination is spoon on table, plastic block on hard floor, or remote on cardboard box, if it makes noise, she’s interested. Nothing has broken due to this, yet. 

4) Spoons are her favorite toy. Seriously, she is absolutely fascinated with them. she puts them in her mouth, she bangs them on her high chair, she waves them around in the air… she does everything you can imagine with them, except use them to put food in her mouth. Go figure.

5) She loves music. It warms me to my core to see that she is so immensely intrigued by music. Whenever I turn on a record, or a movie bursts into a musical number, she turns towards the music and looks absolutely amazed. Note to self: Buy this kid an instrument early. But not drums. Or violin. Yeah, neither of those.

6) She likes to mimic noises. She talked! …ish. Okay, not really. But I’m getting a lot of “dada”‘s lately, and she likes to mimic the noises that are spoken to her. She’s working on saying “mama” when it’s said to her, and she sure does like to explore her vocal chords. I feel like we’re going to have a little chatterbox on our hands when she learns how to talk.

7) She gets really angry that she can’t move yet. She tries so hard to piece it together, getting herself propped up on her knees and hands, rocking back and forth – but she hasn’t been able to figure out how to move that knee and hand forward to get her to where she wants to go. Now, once this happens, she falls to the ground and starts to yell, because dangit, she wants to MOVE. Just like the talking, when she gets mobile, it’s going to be game over.

She’s a fire cracker, that’s for sure. I say I’m looking forward to her developing, talking, walking, but ask me again how I feel in about six months when I am completely drained of all energy. This will be fun.