12 Things Men Are Forgetting About Being Men

James Michael Sama

No matter where you turn these days, there is talk about what it takes to ‘be a man.’ There are articles and memes and quotes that float around online telling us what ‘real men’ do and don’t do. I even wrote an article on the topic once but changed the title because people didn’t like that I was playing into the real man hype.

The thing is, though, I find that most of these quotes and pieces of writing sort of float over typical surface qualities that don’t really get into the meat and potatoes (manly reference) of what makes a man a genuinely good man.


So to fill this gap on the interwebs, I have decided to compile my own list of seemingly forgotten, but important points.

Men should be women’s protectors, not their assailants.

Before I get told that women don’t ‘need’ men to protect them, I should make…

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