The Holidays Mean More as a Father

It’s November 3. I have no idea where the last 6 months or so have gone. My darling daughter is almost 5 months old, the holiday season is upon us, and the I’m finding that this time of year holds an entirely new and special meaning now that I have a family.

Family. I have a family. I see my loving wife that works harder than anyone I know, and I look at my beautiful little daughter who’s smile resonates in my mind all day long, and I have this deep-rooted desire to provide the absolute best life I can for them. I think about this season and want to lavish both of them with traditions, amazing gifts, memories to be cherished, and an overall tone of appreciation, of gratitude, of the importance and significance of family and faith.

I think of this season and what’s to come, and I cannot help but smile. How thrilling it will be, baby’s first Christmas. The holidays are a time I have always loved for my own enjoyment, for my own appreciation and my own entertainment. It’s a time I have always loved for the colors, the traditions, the food, the celebration of Christ and what He has done for us. But now, I relish the thrilling opportunity of creating those cheerful memories for my own daughter. How great a responsibility it is.

The reason I consider this to be so important is because I do not want my daughter growing up with purely a capitalistic view of the holiday season. Yes, we celebrate the birth of Christ through giving gifts to those we love, but it’s about the act of giving and about the importance of family that matters, not about what you receive. Christmas isn’t about what you get, it’s about what you have already received – your savior, Jesus. This beautiful season is about remembering and celebrating the most precious gift of all, one that cannot ever fit under the Christmas tree.

So, I’m thrilled. I’m absolutely ecstatic about the opportunity my wife and I have to show our beautiful little girl the true spirit and meaning of the holiday season. I can’t wait for the festivities to begin.