Four Months Into Fatherhood

Boy, does time go quick. I swear, the lingering sensations of the night Olivia was born, the restless two weeks in the NICU and the feeling of bringing her home for the first time are all so palpable that I would have sworn it was just last week. However, that’s simply not the case. That beautiful little girl was born four months ago already.

She’s a tiny little thing, at 22″ long and 12 lbs 9 oz, but boy is she feisty (she comes by it honestly, if any of you have ever met her mother). She’s beautiful, with bright blue eyes, dimples, and hair that is growing in auburn. She smiles and laughs with every muscle in her face. She loves the sound of mom’s voice and when dad plays with her. She’s a riot.

I’ll be honest, I’m still adjusting. To any new father our there, or any man expecting their first child, understand that there is simply no way you will contribute as much as your child’s mother does. It just won’t happen. You will try, but your child needs their mommy right now. Your time will come later – and boy, am I looking forward to that time – where you are able to pitch in more with your baby. My only encouragement is to understand that, although baby needs mom right now, mom needs you. Your job right now is to take care of mama, lead her, guide her, love her, and support her through all the emotions and new experiences that come with motherhood.

Trust me, I know you are figuring it out right along with her, and having your first child is a whirlwind. And no, in no way am I saying I’m perfect. I’m far from it. But I know that I need to improve and make sure my wife feels validated in her frustrations, encouraged in her victories, and like she is not doing everything by herself. I know she needs me, and I fully intend on rising to the occasion.

This job is hard, but I would give anything to be in the position I am in life. God has blessed me with such a full life, and with such a beautiful family. I love them tremendously. So, I’ll keep learning and growing. It’s all us guys can do.