Football: A Season Renewed

Welcome back.
As the seasons steadily turn from the blaze of summer to the crisp of autumn,
As vibrant hues of yellow and red start creeping to the ends of tree limbs,
Cool chilling breezes starkly appearing,
You return.
Ah yes, at last, you return.
The thrill of unlimited possibilities,
The promise of starting anew,
Every squad waking to the dawn of the same ambition.
Giants clashing with giants,
Fleet footed athletes putting on displays,
Each down holding the bountiful possibilities of
Amazement, magic, miracles.
Fledgling and seasoned rivalries alike rekindle,
Rookies and veterans united under one objective,
Under something grander than themselves.
This is football.
A grid-ironed battlefield where the dreams of titans collide.
So yes, football, welcome back.
Stay a while.
Make yourself at home.
Fans and friends and families alike will gather
On brisk autumn days,
Surrounded and embraced by the aromas of Fall,
United with those titans, those giants,
Sharing in pursuit of a season’s ambitions,
All for the love of the game.