Everything Smells Like Sour Milk

My shirt smells like sour milk. My skin smells like sour milk. Somehow a pair of shorts that haven’t come out of my closet since last summer, almost a year before my daughter was born, smells like sour milk. I think my dog is getting offended by it.

This is the reality of babies. They drink milk. Then they spit it up. And it smells. And when regurgitated breast milk lands ever so gracefully – except, you know, not – on your shoulder, sliding down your back, chest, arm, or wherever else it feels like going, it becomes literally the only thing you can smell. 

Can she eat real people food yet?


2 thoughts on “Everything Smells Like Sour Milk

  1. newlymama27 says:

    Trust me, breast milk is better than formula. We were having to add slight amounts of formula to my milk to make it 22 calories instead of its natural 20 calories and that smell was way worse than just milk. Lol.

  2. wifeandmotherinoneday says:

    I’m not sure if your wife is breastfeeding or pumping and bottle feeding- but if she is breast feeding I can tell ya- she may have it worse. I am usually covered with it after every session. LOL. So happy to hear from you and sounds like things are going great- sour milk smells and all!!

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