Breathe Easy Dads, Cladwell Makes Shopping Easy For Men


by: Eric Sztanyo

Have you ever been frustrated by the shopping experience? You make a significant investment in time and money to get to the mall, wade through the thousands of options and try on clothes in those dingy, dark dressing rooms.  If you’re lucky, you may walk away with something you like, but at what cost?

We know shopping can be a hassle for men, and Dads have less time than they used to. We exist to create a better way.

Men live in a world right now where looking good matters. And if you don’t have the expertise of the fashion world, it can be intimidating and confusing to try to dress well. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a guide to help you sort through this world? That’s where we come in.

Cladwell is a free, online personal stylist for men. Men take an easy survey and tell us about their style preferences, body type (build and coloring) and budget, and we provide instant custom recommendations from expert stylists.

We find the best clothes for you to be ready for anything. We empower men with the right tools to feel confident with their clothes.

And, it’s all free. The recommendations are free, and we never mark up the clothes. In fact, we help you find items on sale. Get unlimited recommendations and have fun exploring different looks. Or, get in and get out with your life, knowing you are buying clothes that are right for your body type, coloring and style.

We curate clothing items from literally thousands of brands, and we offer unbiased recommendations from each. So, you’re not getting boxed into only a handful of brands.

We also don’t believe in perpetual shopping. We want to help guys see a finish line for their wardrobe. We think this is better for the guy, for the environment and the world.

That’s why we are creating the Minimal Wardrobe checklist. In the near future, we’ll be rolling out an update on our site that creates an entire map for a man’s wardrobe. You tell us what you need to wear and how often, and we’ll give you the list of everything you need to own. Once you check off your list, your done. Shopping over. Life on.

With the Minimal Wardrobe feature will include custom recommendations and outfit ideas. It will update seasonally with new trends.

Never going to the mall? Check. Finding the right clothes for you? Check. Being able to explore new and unique brands? Check. Creating a roadmap for your wardrobe of everything from Black Tie to Fourth of July? Check.

We’re Cladwell, and we’ve got your back. We believe all men matter and clothes are not something men should be worried about. We want to free men from any fear or anxiety of their wardrobe and empower them to feel confident with their look. We want to give men that “favorite shirt feeling” for every item of clothing in their closet.

It’s a customized shopping experience so you never have to worry about clothes shopping again. Now, you’re free to live life, and look great while doing it.

Try it today for free, and find your new favorite shirt in less than 2 minutes.


About the Author:

Eric is a husband of 1 and father of 2, who is passionate about family, fatherhood, baseball and bourbon. 

He is President of his own Inbound Marketing firm and has launched three E-commerce stores.  He presently works with Cladwell as their CMO, and is having a blast helping men look good and feel awesome.

Find out more about Eric and Circle him here.


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