Suspended for Solidarity, Now Allowed Back

A little girl who showed an unbelievable act of compassion and solidarity for one of her friends was suspended. Please, someone explain to me what type of dense, unsympathetic person would see what she did as an action worth punishing.

Kamryn Renfro, who’s friend has been battling cancer now for 4 years, decided to shave her head in support so her friend “didn’t have to feel left out.” What a remarkable act of compassion. This is the type of action that every parent would be proud of, that shows a truly genuine heart. These are the values that every parent strives to instill in their children.

So tell me, please, what message this charter school is sending to Kamryn when it values “promoting uniformity” over compassion; when it values a dress code more than a kind hearted and well guided moral compass; when it punishes her for going out of her way to support a friend, rather than praise her tremendous action.

The real sad part of this situation is the fact that it’s a reality that our children (and adults as well) are just going to face. There are going to be people that don’t see things the same way. There will be obstacles, there will be challenges, and there will be people that quite frankly just upset us. The teachable moment here is how we encourage others to handle these situations and how we encourage them to never give up on what they believe. Instilling that persistence and confidence to not only know what is right, but to act on it, is crucial. It’s something I will always strive to model and teach my daughter.

The good news is that this story has a somewhat happy ending. The school board convened and determined that they were wrong, voting to reinstate Kamryn and lift her suspension. I’m glad to see that they reversed their mistake, but am still incredibly disheartened that the choice was made in the first place.

I pray my daughter will have the courage to always do what is right, even when facing opposition. I pray she has the compassion of this little girl, and will always keep a tender heart to the pain of others.



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