Feeling the First Kick

On Friday night, an amazing thing happened. My wife and I were laying in bed, just chatting and enjoying each other’s company after a long week, and she started to feel our little one kicking. At 25 weeks pregnant, she’s been feeling the kicks get bigger, stronger and more defined over the last several weeks, but I have yet to have the opportunity to feel a kick for myself. My wife grabbed my hand, placed it on her lower stomach, and held it there.

After about 30 seconds of waiting eagerly, I felt a kick right in the tips of my fingers. It was truly incredible, feeling our growing daughter moving. It all became very, very real for me. I’ve seen our baby on ultrasound, I’ve heard the heart beat, and both of those experiences have been emotional and meaningful moments. But feeling my baby…. feeling her life, feeling her move, that’s something else. That was an eye opener and a moment that brought this reality a little closer to home.

Feeling my little baby move around and kick and squirm was just amazing. It was thrilling and exciting and exhilarating, but also made it unavoidably obvious that this pregnancy is going by really quickly. We’re only two weeks from the third trimester, which is just outstanding to me. How has this happened so fast?

That kick, that one kick, has made me realize just how close we are to meeting her. I need to assemble the crib, paint the walls, decorate, clean… there’s a lot to be done! It’s terribly exciting, but simultaneously a bit frightening. This pregnancy is moving right along. We’ll see you soon sweet girl.


2 thoughts on “Feeling the First Kick

  1. newlymama27 says:

    I do agree that the kicks are amazing! I am about a week from the third trimester and we are just starting to realize all of this stuff ourselves as well.. So much to do with so little time! Good luck!

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