Snowy Days in Portland

Here in Portland, we’ve been hit with our first (and probably only) decent snow storm of this winter season. The weather has been amazing and brought so much beauty to the area, bringing us about 8-10″ of fresh snow in the last couple days, and it’s absolutely beautiful to me. The snow brings such a lovely calm and quiet, and has given my wife and I a great time to stay in and get cozy. 


The neighborhood pond at out townhouse complex is beautiful, frozen solid and covered in snow.

So, for those of you that don’t live in Portland, let me educate you what happens when it snows around here. This is what happens in Portlandia: Step 1) A news report comes on saying we could expect 3-6″ of snow in the valley floor (which includes downtown Portland). This immediately creates panic. Step 2) The world comes to an end. Some schools even closed at the POSSIBILITY of snow. Step 3) It starts snowing. People freak. Schools definitely close. Oh, and nobody knows how to drive in this stuff. Like at all.  Step 4) Snowpocalyps.


This is my baby, my incredible Subaru that was just simply built for this weather.

So that’s basically how it’s been since Thursday around here, and the 8″ or so of snow that we’ve had is actually a pretty substantial amount by Portland standards. Having a Subaru has been seriously awesome, considering I just got it on January 1. And hey, it’s been fun. My lovely wife and I have been enjoying it tremendously, and have loved thinking about next winter with our first baby. It’s going to be quite a journey. 


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