My Dad is Fantastic


Growing up, I was ridiculously fortunate to have a loving family that showed me what it means to have a good household. I was provided with everything I needed. I was cared for. I was given all the opportunity in the world. Both of my parents are astounding parents, but because I’m becoming a father myself, I’ve thought more about my own father recently.

This is my father toasting my wife and I at our wedding reception. I'm blown away by this photo.

This is my father toasting my wife and I at our wedding reception. I’m blown away by this photo.

It’s funny how we take our parents for granted until we grow older. Why is it that we are so incapable of acknowledging the sacrifices and time and money that they gave for us growing up? I’ve been thinking a lot about my childhood, aided by the fact that my mom made me a photo album with several pictures from every year. Flipping through that book, I was amazed, blown away, at how many pictures my dad was in.

I was one of those kids growing up that was always involved in sports – Baseball in the spring, Soccer in the fall, Basketball in the winter – and I loved it. Flipping page to page in this awesome photo book, he was there. Page after page after page. I choked up, realizing how lucky I am, how incredible it was that he was able to make the time season after season, year after year, to be there for me. It reminded me of all the times growing up where I was fortunate to be able to head out to the field in my dad’s old truck, listening to music as we got ready for the game. Those are incredible memories.


Top photo, Waterfront Blues Festival in Portland, OR circa about 1994. Bottom Photo, unknown location, Circa about 1996.

My point of this post is not just to reminisce about my awesome dad. My point is that I’m blessed to have had such an outstanding example of what it means to be a man, a father and a husband. I have seen what it means to be present in your child’s life. I have seen what it means to be strong, dependable, consistent – all attributes I aspire to. I have had an example for me to fall back on, that has given me the vision of what to aspire for as I embark on the journey of becoming a father. I’m eternally grateful for him.


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