Two Weeks to the Big Ultrasound – Boy or Girl?

My wife is currently 17 1/2 weeks pregnant, which means we are rapidly approaching the big ultrasound and things are getting very real around here. Only two weeks from today and we’ll be watching our little peanut, measuring everything, making sure it’s healthy, and also finding out what we’re having. I’m absolutely thrilled; this ultrasound truly can’t come fast enough.

My wife is fortunate enough to be working in a medical office, which has allowed her to do her own ultrasounds from time to time so she can check on the baby and see how it’s growing. She absolutely adores doing it, and seeing it’s little hands and feet dancing around bring tears to her eyes. I on the other hand do not have this luxury. Our big ultrasound will be my first look at the baby (other than the still shots my darling wife has brought home) since our first check up. I can’t even express my sheer and utter excitement and the thought of seeing my child.

Sure, I want to know what gender our little angel is, more for the thought of being able to narrow down the day dreams than anything else. Will it be a little mini-me of my beautiful and hysterical wife, or will it be a little boy, my little man that wants to be just like dad? I’m anxiously awaiting being able to pin this down, because quite frankly, my brain is tired of dreaming of both options. 

Most importantly, I just can’t wait to meet it, hold it, look it face to face and know that this is my baby. I day dream almost constantly about the wonders of parenting – the bond and the memories, the trials and tribulations, even down to just the smallest of things like holding my baby and seeing it’s eyes for the first time – and more than anything in the world, I dream of getting to know this little miracle. I cannot wait to know who he or she will be. And yeah, I get it. I’m a sap.

So, two weeks. Two weeks left to ponder and wait and twiddle my thumbs. Two weeks until this journey reaches another major mile stone in being able to pin down what our future holds, and one step closer to meeting and knowing who this little peanut will be.


One thought on “Two Weeks to the Big Ultrasound – Boy or Girl?

  1. adequatedad says:

    The gender ultrasound is one of the most exciting times in a pregnancy. I remember both of ours vividly. Especially since our oldest was literally flipping off the camera from the womb….Good luck!

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