Expecting Fathers, Be Patient

Hormones suck. Lets just start this post with a little bit of honesty. As a man, I just don’t like them. We as men get the perks of a great hormone known as testosterone, which gives us manly beards, makes us want to chop down trees and hunt and do manly things like grilling. Our lovely and more delicate counterparts though don’t have it that lucky, especially during pregnancy.

Hormonal pregnant women by no means is a brand new topic – it’s written about and joked about extensively. But I’m telling you men out there, you don’t know the half of it until your wife is the one with that lovely pregnancy hormone progesterone flowing through her body.

I love my wife. She’s incredible, hilarious, compassionate, beautiful, and even more beautiful now that she is carrying our child. But pregnant woman need (and deserve) a little more patience from men than we tend to give them. When they ask you to go to the store for something because it’s the only thing in the entire world that sounds delicious to them, only for them not to be able to stand the smell of it after we’ve gone out in the rain to get it for them, it sucks. But, guess what? It’s not their faults, gents. It’s not that they do it on purpose to spite us. Their hormones are in flux at all times creating all sorts of lovely situations as this.

Honestly, this is something I struggle with. Sometimes things just don’t make sense. “Why on earth did you order that for dinner and not even touch it?” It’s easy to get flustered, but it just isn’t fair. This lovely woman is carrying my child and her body is changing almost constantly. I have to remember that.

So gentleman, be patient. Forgive her. Allow her to vent and steam if she needs to and laugh and cry 5 minutes later. And hey, while you’re at it, do some chores. Do the dishes, clean the laundry, sweep the living room. It will mean the world to her that you take on those responsibilities. Taking on the responsibilities now will make her that much more confident that you will be a great father when your little peanut arrives.



10 thoughts on “Expecting Fathers, Be Patient

    • jcw0623 says:

      You certainly were blessed. It’s been awfully nuts lately. Haha. Patience is a trait I’m working on (and trying to become an expert at before baby arrives.)

  1. runluisrun says:

    I remember those days. All I can say is that it gets easier..kinda. But just be as supportive as possible and you’ll be fine. she’ll realize that she’s being a pain(maybe.not her fault) and then its over, if not then your in for a hell of a ride. Good luck.

  2. adequatedad says:

    Be forewarned, that the myriad of hormones and emotions that come AFTER the birth can be as much a minefield to navigate as the pregnancy ones. There’s emotional content that fathers cannot hope to understand, but had better be able to contend with and support in the long run.

    • jcw0623 says:

      I appreciate the forewarning. This entire experience is new to both my wife and myself, but patience and compassion will go a long ways. I love her to the moon and back and will support her however I can.

      • adequatedad says:

        Then you’ll do just fine. I’ll admit freely that after the birth of our first child, I was NOT the patient father and husband that I should have been, and it made things very difficult. I think I did better the second time around, but its a tough lesson to learn the hard way. That compassion you mentioned is going to be key for your survival the next year or so!

      • jcw0623 says:

        We all have moments of impatience. The key is acknowledging it and consciously trying to improve ourselves. I know I have a lot to work on, but I dearly want to be nothing but loving, patient and compassionate towards my wife and child.

  3. Jen says:

    As a pregnant woman who has frequently sent her husband out on these types of errands, I just have to say how much of a difference it makes when men exhibit patience during morning sickness. A month or so ago I literally felt like I was dying of a terminal illness. Having someone be gentle and tender with you makes this part of life so much more bearable. Good job, future papa.

    • jcw0623 says:

      Thank you very much 🙂 It’s not always easy. Sometimes I do lose my cool, and I hate myself for it. How on earth is it fair for me to get frustrated with her? I tend to think I do okay though, and show her patience. At the bare minimum, I know that I’m working on it. She deserves my best, as does out future child.

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