What It Is

Hello out there, you crazy fast word known as the internet. Welcome to my blog. I wanted to start this blog off by setting some expectations for any readers, to give you all an idea of what this blog will start out as, where I see it going, ect.

The beauty of this blog is the fact that, like life and all that will change when my beautiful little nugget of joy arrives in about 5 months (holy cow that’s coming up quick…), I’m entirely expecting it to change. I don’t know where it’s going to go or take me, or the emotional and life-changing events, experiences and memories that will be shared here. Nor do I know the amount of laughter, tears, humility and joy that will be expressed in this forum, either. What I do know is where I stand today though – a 23 year old that is married to the absolute greatest woman God has ever created (in my humble opinion) who is expecting his first child. That’s where I stand – completely thrilled and exhilarated and slightly scared out of my shorts, but I’m here, leaning on the grace of God as my beautiful wife and I embark on this journey. I plan on posting no fewer than once a week, and no more than 100 times per day. I promise.

I decided to start this blog for several reasons. First, I like writing. It’s fun. Plain and simple. And if I enjoy doing something, why not do it in a way that (hopefully) will help provide a tiny bit of wisdom and a whole bunch of free entertainment for the masses? Secondly, I started this blog as an interactive experience to share my joys, trials, triumphs and failures, which is a whole lot of vulnerability, in hopes of inspiring conversation with all you wonderful people. I want your input; I want your knowledge. FEED ME. Thirdly, I created this blog to bring glory to God for the countless – literally countless, I’ve tried – blessings he has brought and will continue to bring into my life.

So, this is it – the beginning. A blank page with some words and thoughts and feelings that hopefully will provide an incredible journey. I hope to share this fantastic and frightening and exciting journey with as many of you as possible. So, thank YOU for being here. Without readers, I just become a crazy person screaming in the wilderness to a bunch of empty space.

And with that, we’re off.


6 thoughts on “What It Is

  1. millykins says:

    Good luck with your blogging endeavors! The blog world can be scary and lonely at times, but worth the work 🙂 thanks for your comment on #lifeofananny! It’s nice to hear from a fellow God-believing blogger!

    • jcw0623 says:

      Thanks a bunch! I’m going to be writing my next post in the next day or so about why I hate the phrase “as long as it’s healthy.” Keep an eye out for it! 😉

  2. 365daysinkind says:

    This parenting thing is a whole new world. Mostly one where we all muddle through in a state of confusion (even the ones who claim to have a handle on it). The baseline seems to be that as long as there is love, and a decent amount of forgiveness, then we’re doing alright! Good luck.

    • jcw0623 says:

      Thank you so much! It’s incredibly too easy to start stressing about how to handle every little situation, and how to teach my child this and that. I need to relax, enjoy it, and allow myself just to be present in the moment and show my child the love I have for it. I hope you’ll follow my blog and stay in touch! Best wishes to you.

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